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Greeting Card Maker Software

Greeting card maker software will present you a simple way to make your own greeting cards to gift to special people in your life and make them feel special because you care. Greeting card creator software crafts greeting cards by aid of the simple wizard style interface enclosed with image designing objects. Print settings help to print created greeting cards accordingly and gift to anyone whenever desired.

Enjoy creating single or numerous greeting cards to send to individual or multiple users by aid of the series generating options offered by the product. Easy to use interface of the software makes any category of user to implement the software without any technical expertise or guidance.

Greeting Card Maker Software

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Major Working Features:

  • Image designing objects like pencil, text, rectangle, star, ellipse, picture, etc helps to create greeting cards.
  • Create a fresh greeting card or modify existing card features as per requirement.
  • Add your favorite picture to your greeting card, express your feelings in the form of text and append to the card to give it a personalized appearance.
  • Greeting cards of any shape and size can be created as desired including Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle or Ellipse etc.
  • Simple and speedy method to create greeting cards having versatile features.
  • Software is facilitated with flexible card printing abilities.
  • Compound greeting cards can be created by aid of the data set series generating options of the software.