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Inventory Control and Retail Business Barcode Software Screenshots
Inventory Control Barcode

First set the Barcode technology with font type. Go to font settings, to set barcode header, footer and value font. In similar manner, you can alter General, Color and Image settings.

Inventory Control Card Properties

In Card Properties, select the Card Shape, Border Style, Border Color then enter the Card Name & Size.

Shape Property

Open Shape Properties to change the Color Settings and Other Settings of the card.

Barcode Generate Series

Select Sequential Series and enter the value of the series. After that Batch Processing series is created.

Inventory Control Barcode Properties

To open Barcode Properties, double click on the barcode. Select Barcode Technologies(Linear or 2D) then enter the value and click OK.

Inventory Barcode Print Preview

Go to print option from toolbar, choose print mode (Pre Define label Stock or Manual) to proceed. In Manual mode, set rows columns, margins, barcode space and other printer settings.